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Adaptive Contrast Oxygen Training

Explore the exercise advantages of training with oxygen contrasted with a 10-12K foot altitude simulation. The Live O2 training system oxygenates the body using the latest technology to provide the benefits of a hyperbaric treatment at a fraction of the time and cost. 

Full-Spectrum infrared sauna

Full-Spectrum infrared can help give your body a boost in detoxification, skin rejuvenation, and may even help with chronic pain. 


Hydration is incredibly important, especially in the dry Colorado climate, but clean drinking water is becoming harder and harder to find. Everything from agricultural contaminate (pesticides) to pharmaceuticals that are not filtered in municipal water supplies make their way into the body through our drinking water. We have partnered with Berkey water filtration systems to give our patients access to affordable water filtration that removes toxic contaminants, preserves the beneficial minerals in the water, and does not require any electricity or water waste.